Junior Club Contact

For information on the Junior Club, please contact Monica Cleary on tullamorehockey2022@gmail.com.

Children’s Officer & Designated Person

Tullamore works closely with the Irish Hockey Association (IHA) in order to ensure that best practice is followed in children’s sport. In applying the guidelines of the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport, Tullamore have adopted and implemented a code of conduct for all participants and must appoint a Children’s Officer and a Designated Person.

The current Children’s Officer is Clodagh Armitage. Clodagh manages all activities and issues in relation to young people at club level.

The Designated Person is Jane Smith. Jane is responsible for reporting any concern about the protection of children to the statutory authorities.

If you need to contact our Children’s Offer, Designated Person or have any queries, issues or concerns about the Junior Club, please contact us at tullamorehockey2022@gmail.com.

Updating Your Contact Details

It is your responsibility to make sure the club is kept informed of any change to your email, mobile phone number or address so you will be always kept informed of matches, events, etc.

If any of your contact details change please email all relevant details to us as soon as possible. If we do not have your correct contact details you will miss out on getting important information.

Coaches / Volunteers – we need you!

Interested in coaching or just helping out?

Coaching or assisting the coach is a fantastic and fun way of getting more involved in hockey. Perhaps you can help with fixtures, press reports or general club administration? Please let us know and we will gladly help you get involved!


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