Leinster Hockey Association Code of Conduct

Tullamore Hockey Club complies with the Leinster Hockey Association Code of Conduct:

The LHA has full jurisdiction and authority over playing and promoting of hockey in the Province of Leinster. Any member of a club or school affiliated to the LHA agrees to comply with the Articles and Memos, Byelaws Rules and Regulations of the LHA.
Every club and school within the Association is required to return a signed copy of this document to the LHA Administrator before the 01st October each year. The Code of Conduct should be signed by either the Club President/Chairman or in the case of schools Head Coach/School Principal. A copy of this document should be distributed to management teams, squads and members.

Code of Conduct
The code is established to create awareness of the accountability for the promotion, administration, coaching and playing of the game of hockey.
All members of clubs and schools affiliated to the LHA are responsible for their own behaviour and conduct, and as so, accountable.
It is the responsibility of each affiliated club and school to instruct their players and team officials of the Code of Conduct. The club shall share liability with their players and team officials should breaches occur of the Articles and Memos, Byelaws, Rules Regulations and the Code of Conduct.
Complaints in relation to either misconduct or breaches of the LHA Bye Laws, Rules and Regulations or Code of Conduct shall be dealt with by the LHA Disciplinary Hearing Panel.
The Code of Conduct is applicable to all participants at any Leinster Hockey Association competition, course, development session etc., Participants shall be considered
(i) Members of all LHA Clubs and Schools including players, team management, coaching staff, medical staff, technical officials
(ii)Umpires and officials appointed to LHA competitions
(i) Members and officials shall at all times conduct themselves fairly, properly and in an acceptable manner on the field of play and any part of the hockey venue/accommodation.
(ii) No person may conduct himself/herself in a manner or commit any act or omission which may prejudice the interest of hockey or which may bring the game of hockey in disrepute.
(iii)Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing the following shall be regarded as conduct that is improper, unfair, and unacceptable:
a. Threatening to use or using Verbal/physical abuse or hostility towards any other participant, person or any other member of the public
b. Disputing protesting and/or reacting in a provocative or disapproving manner in an inappropriate way toward any decision made by an umpire or official.
c. Feigning injury and/or overreacting to an alleged breach or decision.
d. Charging or advancing or towards an umpire or technical official in an aggressive manner when appealing.
e. Using rude or abusive language or hand signals.
f. Abuse of hockey equipment clothing, venue equipment or fixtures and fittings.
g. Abuse of equipment such as throwing of a stick

Public Statement
The Leinster Hockey Association defines a “public statement” as follows :
Any Statement in which the whole, part or essence, is made in a public forum. Such a statement may be made in any public forum including newspaper, internet, social media, blogs etc.,
(i) Public statement must be fair, constructive, appropriate and reasonable and must not involve a personal attack on a player, umpire, official, volunteer, administrator or spectator
(ii) The Leinster Hockey Association recognises that fair and reasonable comments on the game in general are essentially in the interests of everyone. However, it further recognises that in the interest of maintaining the generally excellent relations that currently exist between players, umpires and officials, it is necessary to ensure that any such comment and criticism is constructive.
Player Transfer (clubs)
The Leinster Hockey Association recognises the right of players to transfer between clubs. Under no circumstances should players be brought under pressure to transfer from one club to another. Clubs are expected to ensure that good practice in respect of Code of Ethics for Young People in Sport is followed when players Under 18 transfer between clubs.
In the event of an alleged breach of the Code of Conduct, the LHA Disciplinary Committee shall determine if there is to be a hearing. The hearing will conducted in accordance with the LHA Disciplinary Byelaws.
The LHA expects clubs to ensure that the conduct of their supporters towards players, officials and umpires is respectful or does not cause offence.


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